Stories of Scottish Songs

Tales of Scottish traditional
and newer songs 
sung by Sangschule 
of Linlithgow

About Sangschule

West Lothian Council together with Sangschule have funded this website.

Sangschule - pronounced Sang Skool - takes its name from the twelfth century school for boys trained to sing in St Michael's kirk and Linlithgow palace. Today's Sangschule has no particular religious or royal connections but is still a place where you learn songs.

About 16 years ago, West Lothian Council set up a longstanding workshop to encourage the singing of Scottish traditional song with Christine Kydd as its tutor. It developed into an independent community singing group.

At that stage, the group could no longer afford weekly visits from professional singers as tutors - but has instead enjoyed their frequent but less regular visits - with group members learning to lead sessions themselves in between.

Anyone who enjoys singing folk songs old and new, mainly but not exclusively Scottish, is welcome to join. There are no auditions, you don't need to read music and no-one sings alone.

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